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North Texas Drupal February Meetup

Come join your fellow Dallas-area Drupal developers, site owners and managers at the first meetup of the North Texas Drupal Users Group for 2015 - learn about AngularJS and Structural SEO for your Drupal site.  And fish apparently..

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Advanced FlexSlider Construction in Drupal 7

Flex Slider is a popular Drupal module used to create responsive sliders with the FlexSlider 2 jQuery plugin. It's powerful and flexible with hooks available for customization. It's not always clear, though, how to construct sliders in more complex situations.

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Advanced Page Title Tags Using Drupal Views

In Part 1 of Page Title Tags in Drupal we looked at setting your front page and individual page <title> tags.  But we learned we still had duplicates!  Time to use another submodule and some configuration to fix pages generated by Views.

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Page Title Tags in Drupal - Make Them Descriptive and Unique

Your page title tag might just be the most important factor in on-page SEO.  Yet most Drupal sites pay it little attention- leaving it to defaults and resulting in a site full of uncompelling and ununique page titles.  I'm not sure either of those are actual words.

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Making Marketing Automation Work for SMB and Non-Profits

Marketing Automation is creating and automating a marketing process that is effective in bringing you new business.  But where is a SMB or non-profit to start?  Here!  This is the beginning of a series of blog articles on creating your message, developing your process, and setting up tools to market for you while you sleep.

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Drupal 101 Evening Course in Dallas in January

Learn Drupal 101 in a 6 week, 18 hour Collin College course in Dallas / Plano from Jan 20th - Feb 24th, 2015.  Drupal basics, hosting, maintenance, modules, themes, SEO and build several complete Drupal sites!  What more could you ask for ..

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Dealing With Email On Drupal Development Sites

Do you dread working on email issues for existing Drupal sites with notifiations systems, fearing you would spam live site users?  Well fear no more, the Reroute Email module will save you!

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Get Insights from Google about your Drupal Website using Webmaster Tools

Learn how to use Google's Webmaster Tools to monitor, understand and maintain your Drupal site's presence in Google results.  Crawl and security issues, search queries, backlinks, loading speed, and more are available with just a little setup work.