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Drupal and WordPress Updates - What That Means

One of the services we offer to our clients is regular platform updates to their website code.  But what is that exactly, and why should you do it?

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North Texas Drupal Users Group October Meetup - Pantheon Integrated Composer

Join our October virtual NTXDUG Meetup- Pantheon is testing a release of Drupal with integrated Composer and is opening the feature to users for Limited Availability testing.

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North Texas Drupal Users Group September Meetup -DDEV

Once again we will be joining the Austin Drupal Users Group for this exciting virtual meetup : "Using DDEV-Local for Local Drupal Development" with Randy Fay. You might remember Randy as our keynote speaker at a past DrupalCamp Dallas.

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Testing Authenticated REST Calls with Behat and Drupal

There are plenty of posts out there describing how to make REST calls from a Behat test apparatus. What if, however, you need to take things a step further and make these calls as an authenticated user instead of just an anonymous user?

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TexasCamp is Ready for You!

This year's location is San Antonio on October 18-19, 2019. We invite all professional and amateur Drupal developers, as anyone interested in Drupal to join us.

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September North Texas Drupal Meetup

Please join us September 10th for our next North Texas Drupal meetup, on ZSM: a case study in Drupal 8 configuration management.

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May North Texas Drupal Meetup

Join us on May 14th for the next North Texas Drupal Meetup : Introduction to Drupal 8 Development with Drupal Console.

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April North Texas Drupal Meetup

Join us in April as Allan Chappell from Four Kitchens lets us know that Drupal 7 development can still be fun and modern, and to remind us it's "not dead yet!"

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It's Time to Upgrade to Drupal 8

Drupal 7 support officially ends in 2021. Which means no more updates. But don't wait until then! Upgrade now to Drupal 8 while there is plenty of time, and so you can enjoy the benefits.

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North Texas Drupal Users Group September Meetup- Drupal 8 Revisited

The summer doldrums and vacations are over, time to get back to the North Texas Drupal Users Group meetups and take another look at Drupal 8.

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Drupal Podcasts - Keeping Up While Doing Something Else

Podcasts are a great way to learn something, or least be entertained while you are commuting to work, exercising, or just cleaning the kitchen. Here's our favorite Drupal, marketing, developer and "other" podcasts.

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Mobile Performance with Drupal - Part 1, Testing

I don't think you need yet another blog post to tell you mobile is becoming a bigger and bigger thing. Your website has to look good and perform well on mobile - you know that. But is it? How do you tell? How do you improve?