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Drupal 101 Evening Course in Dallas in January

Learn Drupal 101 in a 6 week, 18 hour Collin College course in Dallas / Plano from Jan 20th - Feb 24th, 2015.  Drupal basics, hosting, maintenance, modules, themes, SEO and build several complete Drupal sites!  What more could you ask for ..

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Dealing With Email On Drupal Development Sites

Do you dread working on email issues for existing Drupal sites with notifiations systems, fearing you would spam live site users?  Well fear no more, the Reroute Email module will save you!

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Get Insights from Google about your Drupal Website using Webmaster Tools

Learn how to use Google's Webmaster Tools to monitor, understand and maintain your Drupal site's presence in Google results.  Crawl and security issues, search queries, backlinks, loading speed, and more are available with just a little setup work.

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Setting up Goals in Google Analytics for your Drupal site

You can't tell how well your page design and marketing efforts are working if you aren't measuring goals and conversions.  Fortunately for Drupal sites, with a little help from Google it's easy to do.

North Texas Drupal November Meetup

North Texas Drupal November Meetup

We had a great meetup tonight with lots of interesting discussions on Drupal security, hosting, tools, drush and more.  And a visit from a Drupler from LA!  Notes and lots of useful links inside.

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Verify your Drupal Site!

The major search engines need you to verify your site ownership to use their tools and apps.  The Site Verify module makes that process very easy for your Drupal website.

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Drupageddon: Aftermath

By now you've heard about the Drupal core vulnerability commonly referred to as Drupageddon. Let's look at some common questions.

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Setting up an XML Sitemap in Drupal

Google and the other search engine crawlers do a decent job of finding their way around your website. But, sometimes they could use a little help, with the Drupal XML Sitemap module.