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Longer Title and Descriptions on Google Search Results

Google has apparently snuck in an update to search results pages (SERP) that increases the size of the display Titles and Descriptions. This gives webmasters and SEOs more room to describe and market pages!

Waycleanse Co
Google Wants to Help Plumbers and Other Handypeople Find Customers

How many times have you typed "OMG I NEED A PLUMBER RIGHT NOW - MY HOUSE IS AWASH IN RAW SEWAGE!!" into Google because of a minor plumbing emergency and you need the services of a local home professional?

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FireRoad Site Launch - M&A Partners

Launched recently by FireRoad for one of our long-term clients - a new website for M&A Partners!  Built, of course, on our optimized Drupal 7 platform.

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North Texas Drupal March Meetup - Personalization

For the March meetup of the North Texas Drupal Users Group, Brent Bice will be presenting on Web Personalization with Drupal.

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Making Marketing Automation Work for SMB and Non-Profits

Marketing Automation is creating and automating a marketing process that is effective in bringing you new business. But where is a SMB or non-profit to start? Here! This is the beginning of a series of blog articles on creating your message, developing your process, and setting up tools to market for you while you sleep.

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North Texas Drupal Holiday 2015 Party

Well, we haven't been able to get any speakers for Fall meetups, but that doesn't mean we can't have a social Holiday party!

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Verify your Drupal Site!

The major search engines need you to verify your site ownership to use their tools and apps. The Site Verify module makes that process very easy for your Drupal website.

North Texas Drupal October meetup
North Texas Drupal October Meetup

At the October meetup of the North Texas Drupal users group, we discussed "When Not to Use Drupal", "Multisite Drupal" as well as the recent major Drupal core exploit and how to detect and eliminate it.

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You Think YOUR AdWords Keywords are Expensive

Many of our clients, like many of you, use Google AdWords to help promote their business. And they may complain that the keywords they are targetting can be expensive- $5, $7, maybe even $10 per click! How about, over $600 ??

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June North Texas Drupal Meetup - Debugging

Come join us at the June (15th) North Texas Drupal meetup - Allen Shaw will be presenting on Pessimism, Entitlement, and Other Virtues of a Successful Debugging Approach - targeting beginner to expert Drupal developers.

North Texas Drupal April 2015 meetup
North Texas Drupal April Meetup Notes

We had a big crowd at our April meetup of the North Texas Drupal Users group this past Monday. And it was all about the Drupal 8!

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Drupal 8 Mega Resource Guide

Drupal 8 is coming soon (ok, soonish), so we've put together this mega guide for all your Drupal 8 edumacation.