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June North Texas Drupal Meetup - Debugging

Come join us at the June (15th) North Texas Drupal metup - Allen Shaw will be presenting on Pessimism, Entitlement, and Other Virtues of a Successful Debugging Approach - targeting beginner to expert Drupal developers.

North Texas Drupal April 2015 meetup

North Texas Drupal April Meetup Notes

We had a big crowd at our April meetup of the North Texas Drupal Users group this past Monday.  And it was all about the Drupal 8!

Eight guys

Drupal 8 Mega Resource Guide

Drupal 8 is coming soon (ok, soonish), so we've put together this mega guide for all your Drupal 8 edumacation.

Brush salesman on bike

Dallas Course: Online System for Small Business Success

Are you a new small business owner who needs to build an online presence, or an experienced one who wants to learn more about building your website and improving your online marketing? If you're in the Dallas area, then I have a learning opportunity for you!

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Drupal Podcasts - Keeping Up While Doing Something Else

Podcasts are a great way to learn something, or least be entertained while you are commuting to work, exercising, or just cleaning the kitchen. Here's our favorite Drupal, marketing, developer and "other" podcasts.
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Drupal 8 Extravaganza at the March North Texas Drupal Users Group Meetup

Drupal 8 is likely going to launch sometime in 2015.  So we all need to get ready - Drupal 8 is a whole new ball game.  Some come learn and share at the March North Texas Drupal Users Group meetup.

North Texas / Dallas Drupal Feb Meetup group

AngularJS and Structural SEO in Drupal - Feb North Texas Drupal Meetup Notes

The Feburary meetup of the North Texas Drupal meetup featured Hot Drupal News, AngularJS in Drupal, and Structural SEO in Drupal.  Read more for notes and links.

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Firehose Program for Fixed-Price (nearly) Unlimited Drupal Development

Do you own or manage a Drupal website for a small/medium business or non-profit, and need to make regular updates, add features, and keep it updated and secure, but either don’t have in-house Drupal expertise or your IT staff never has the bandwidth to help out with that long list of site improvements you need? There’s no reason to hire an expensive full-time Drupal developer- sign up for Firehose instead and get (nearly) unlimited Drupal development for a fixed monthly cost.