You Think YOUR AdWords Keywords are Expensive

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Many of our clients, like many of you, use PPC / Google AdWords to help promote their business. And they may complain that the keywords they are targetting can be expensive- $5, $7, maybe even $10 per click!  Well, if you were going after some of these keywords, you'd be thrilled to pay so little.

From a recent post by Brent Carnduff, with some research from SEM Rush, the most expensive keywords are ..

  Keyword Cost per Click
  San Antonio car wreck attorney $670
  accident attorney Riverside VA $627
  personal injury attorney Colorado $553
  top personal injury attorneys $551
  motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles $551

A $10 keyword isn't sounding too bad now, is it? Those advertisers must earn enough from the traffic to make it worth the cost though.

You can see the rest of the bankrupting keywords at this post.