North Texas Drupal October Meetup

North Texas Drupal October meetup

We had yet another great meeting of the nascent North Texas Drupal users group this past October 20th.

Travis Tidwell asked the question- When Should You *Not* Use Drupal?  While we all love and user Drupal, it is not always the best tool for the job.  Check out his slides below for more info as well as some notes and related links.

Ian Whitcomb took us through building multi-site Drupal, including solutions such as MultisiteDomain AccessOrganic Groups and andPantheon One.

We also had a discssion of Drupal security, including the recent major core exploit.   Here is a way to see if your site was compromised using a drush command.  

Blog article about presentation with Video and Slides­

Static Site Generators

Bootstrapping your site

"API-first" Development

  • Drupal 8 with Symfony is a solid contender
  • Recommend to start simple with Symfony and bring in Drupal if requirements need it.
  • Other API-first platforms