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North Texas Drupal October meetup

North Texas Drupal October Meetup

At the October meetup of the North Texas Drupal users group, we discussed "When Not to Use Drupal", "Multisite Drupal" as well as the recent major Drupal core exploit and how to detect and eliminate it.  If you do Drupal in North Texas, you should be here!

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Twitter Issues On Pantheon?

Having trouble getting your Twitter feed working on Pantheon? Does it work locally but not in your Pantheon environments? If your Twitter solution uses PHP's http_build_query function (as does the Rise theme's front page), you're not going crazy. It's them, not you.

North Texas Drupal Users Group in action

North Texas Drupal Users Group - Sept meetup

Great meetup of the North Texas Drupal Users Group last night.  Topics included integrating the Bootstrap theme with the core Color module and LESS, and Static Drupal – Taking the Pain out of Drupal Hosting

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HTTPS is now a Google Ranking Factor

Recently announced on the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog, using encrypted HTTPS mode on your website is now a ranking factor. So, how do you do that in Drupal?

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Google And Drupal : Alt and Title Tags for Images

From our 200 part series Implementing Google Ranking Factors in Drupal, we look at Alt and Title tags in Images.

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Seiki 4K TV Annoyances Solved

By now, you've probably heard about the Seiki SE39UY04 4K TV. It's a really inexpensive 4K LCD screen that is intended to be used as a television but is being used by many people as a computer monitor. It is not without its compromises, but with a few tweaks, it's quite viable as a main (or standalone) monitor.